Ellen Carter

Ellen Quentila Carter Female Click to view the family tree

Born: 24-Oct-1880
Died: 20-Mar-1920   Died in Hattieville, AR

Buried: Old Hickory Cemetery

Comments: Born: Madison County, TN
Nickname: Ella

May be "J" for middle name

Note about her death confirmed by Charles Clellan Watson-Massengil: Marlin Stout & Weldon Stout (around 1920), were passing a creek near Atkins with the exquisite casket which was in a box. Upon crossing over the creek, pulled by horseback, the casket got loose from the box and floated down the creek!  So, in turn, they buried Ella in the box.

Ellen's Family

Spouse: John Henry Hamm (Married)
Children: Johnnie Quintilla Hamm, Edith Lone Hamm, Roy Carter Hamm, Martha Ruth Hamm, Helen Louise Hamm

Ellen's Heritage

Parents: Elijah Harvey Carter, Martha Ann Bailey
Siblings: Georgia Ann Carter, Ophella C. Carter, Hettie V. Carter, James Oscar Carter, Alfred Amos Carter, Luna Carter, Fred Ambrose Carter

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Ellen's Picture Album

Ellen Carter


Ellen Carter's tombstone

Ellen Carter's tombstone in the Old Hickory Cemetery
(picture shot date Mar-2004)