Alfred Amos Carter's tombstone

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Born: 12-Aug-1886
Died: 17-Aug-1912   Place: Morrilton, AR
Buried: Hattieville, AR Old Hickory Cemetary

Comments: Born: Pinson, TN
AKA: Amos

Alfred's Family

Spouse: Myra Belle Williams (Married 16-Dec-1908)
Children: James Armour Carter, Martha Laverne Carter
Married: Hattieville, AR

Alfred's Heritage

Parents: Elijah Harvey Carter, Martha Ann Bailey
Siblings: Georgia Ann Carter, Ophella C. Carter, Hettie V. Carter, James Oscar Carter, Ellen Quentila Carter, Luna Carter, Fred Ambrose Carter

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Alfred's Picture Album

Alfred Amos Carter's tombstone

Alfred Amos Carter's tombstone in Old Hickory Cemetery, AR
(picture shot date Mar-2004)