Martha Bailey's marker

Martha Ann Bailey Female Click to view the family tree

Born: 26-Aug-1846
Died: 1-Mar-1928    

Comments: Born in GIles County - from Elaine Walton Lewis in Conroe, Texas

Went by covered wagon to Oklahoma to get on the Indian roles and were turned away as they did not live in Oklahoma at the appropriate time. Info from Barbara Whisenant.

Martha's Family

Spouse: Elijah Harvey Carter (Married 16-Jun-1867)
Children: Georgia Ann Carter, Ophella C. Carter, Hettie V. Carter, James Oscar Carter, Ellen Quentila Carter, Alfred Amos Carter, Luna Carter, Fred Ambrose Carter

Martha's Heritage

Parents: William Bailey, Quintila Hamrick
Siblings: Elizabeth Jane Bailey, Willis Anderson Bailey, Martin Bailey, Thomas B. Bailey, Berryman W.? Bailey, James E. Bailey, William S. Allen Bailey

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Martha's Picture Album

Martha Bailey's marker

Martha Bailey's tombstone with Elijah Carter at the Old Hickory Cemetery.
(picture shot date 18-Sep-2004)