Quintila Hamrick Female Click to view the family tree

Born: 1814
Died: 1849    

Comments: Lived in Giles county from at least 1833 and all children were born in Giles County - the Lynnville. Hamrick name and other info here from Elaine Walton Lewis in Conroe, Texas.

Born: Kentucky

May also be QuintellaHambrick

Reference: Detail about Quintilla - http://fp1.centurytel.net/DaveHarper/HambrickBaileyRelated.htm

Quintila's Family

Spouse: William Bailey (Married 1832)
Children: Elizabeth Jane Bailey, Willis Anderson Bailey, Martin Bailey, Thomas B. Bailey, Berryman W.? Bailey, James E. Bailey, Martha Ann Bailey, William S. Allen Bailey
Marriage info Elaine Walton Lewis in Conroe, Texas

Quintila's Heritage

Parents: John Hamrick, Elizabeth "Betsy" O'Donnell
Siblings: Willis Peter Hamrick, Mary Hamrick, Rose Anna Hamrick, Elizabeth Jane Hamrick

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