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Husband:   Andrew Sherman Nisler

Born: 23-Mar-1867
Died: 8-Feb-1930
Other Spouses: Nancy Elmus Cargile
Other Children: Herbert Paul Nisler, Minnie Lee Nisler, Vernon Del Nisler, Roy Sherman Nisler, Lucille Nisler, A. D. Nisler, Robert Olin Nisler, Roger Nisler, William Caegile Nisler

Born: Van Buren County, AR
Note: Was Sheriff of Conway County at time of death

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Wife:   Myra Belle Williams

Born: 12-Jul-1889
Died: 22-Feb-1982
Father: Andrew Jackson Williams
Mother: Martha Ann Isabella Martin
Other Spouses: Alfred Amos Carter
Other Children: James Armour Carter, Martha Laverne Carter

Born: Hattieville, AR

Myra Belle Williams