Harold DeForest Young and Martha Laverne Carter Click to view the family tree

Married 1942

Married: Little Rock, AR

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Husband:   Harold DeForest Young

Born: 15-Jul-1915
Died: Jul-1977

Born: Binghamton, NY

Harold DeForest Young

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Wife:   Martha Laverne Carter

Born: 9-Feb-1912
Died: 20-Feb-1948
Father: Alfred Amos Carter
Mother: Myra Belle Williams

Born: Hattieville, AR

Martha Laverne Carter

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Female  Child 1:   Elizabeth Anné Young

Born: 12-Aug-1944
Spouse: James Davies, Victor Brom Wikstrom
Children: Jennifer Elizabeth Davies, Martha Jane Davies

Born: Monroe, NC
AKA: Ann

Ann Young Wikstrom