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Husband:   James Oscar Carter

Born: 18-Feb-1878
Died: 1-May-1959
Father: Elijah Harvey Carter
Mother: Martha Ann Bailey

Birthplace: Tenn.
Source: Birth certificate

James Oscar Carter

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Wife:   Lula Jane Carter


This Carter not related to Carter she married.

Nickname: Lucy

Lula Jane "Lucy" Carter

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Male  Child 1:   James Oscar Carter

Born: 4-Oct-1919
Died: 19-Mar-1965
Spouse: Ruth Geraldine Hogan
Children: Barbara Jo Carter

Occupation: Buried: Memorial Park Cemetery Muskogee, OK
Suffix: Jr.

James Oscar Carter Jr.

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Male  Child 2:   Garland Carter



Family Picture Album

James and Lula Carter

James and Lula "Lucy" Carter  - source: Barbara (Carter) Whisenant

Carter family

Lucy on left, Garland in middle and Oscar on the right  - source: Barbara (Carter) Whisenant

James Oscar Carter Family

Oscar Carter, Lula (Lucy) Carter, Cora Carter, Joe Todd, Jr., and Edd - source: Barbara (Carter) Whisenant