William Harold Pitts and Lydia Ann Carter Click to view the family tree

Married 26-Jul-1959

Married: Laurel, MS

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Husband:   William Harold Pitts

Died: 14-Dec-1989

Suffix: Sr.

William Harold Pitts, Sr.

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Wife:   Lydia Ann Carter

Born: 25-Apr-1942
Father: James Armour Carter
Mother: Sally Lou Edd Douglas
Other Spouses: Tibor Kincses

Born: Morrilton, AR
Resides: Madison, MS
Retired and lives part time in MS and the other time in FL. Loves to work in the yard, travel in a motorhome and spend time with grandchildren.

Lydia Ann (Carter) Kincses

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Female  Child 1:   Sharon Denise Pitts

Born: 25-Jul-1960
Spouse: Hal Lynn Hammett, Joseph Allen Welch
Children: Phillip Lynn Hammett

Born: Laurel, MS

Sharon Denise Pitts

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Male  Child 2:   William Harold Pitts

Born: 7-Aug-1964
Spouse: Elizabeth Renee Knott, Amy Christine Abbott
Children: Lauren Elizabeth Pitts, Meagan Ashley Pitts, Sarah Grace Pitts, Hannah Nicole Pitts

Suffix: Jr.
AKA: Bill
Birthplace: Laurel, MS

William Harold Pitts, Jr.

Family Picture Album

William and Lydia (Carter) Pitts with family

William and Lydia (Carter) Pitts with grandkids Phillip Hammett and Lauren Pitts.

Pitts Family

Front row: Harold Pitts, Lydia (Carter) Pitts, Lauren Pitts, Phillip Hammett - Back row: Renee (Knott) Pitts, Bill Pitts, Sharon (Pitts) Hammett Welch, Joseph Welch.

Pitts family

Harold, Lydia (Carter), Bill, and Sharon Pitts.