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Husband:   Willis Anderson Bailey

Born: 1834
Father: William Bailey
Mother: Quintila Hamrick
Other Spouses: Parthenia Bowens

Born in Giles County - from Elaine Walton Lewis in Conroe, Texas
Anderson added - from Elaine Walton Lewis in Conroe, Texas

Additional Info: Dave Harper has an extensive genealogy site for this particular line here http://fp1.centurytel.net/DaveHarper/

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Wife:   Sarah R. Jackson



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Male  Child 1:   Caleb D. Bailey

Born: 24-Jul-1867
Died: 10-Oct-1927
Spouse: Mattie J. England

Birthplace: Lawrence County, TN
Source: 1910 US Census Lamar, TX and Lela Bates Cline

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Female  Child 2:   Cordelia Elizabeth Bailey

Born: 12-Mar-1873
Died: 7-Nov-1960
Spouse: Ira Edmond Bates

Source: Lela Bates Cline and CA death certificate.
Birthplace: TN