Dwayne Neal Couchman and Martha Frances Carter Click to view the family tree

Married 9-Jul-1961

Place: Morrilton, AR

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Husband:   Dwayne Neal Couchman

Born: 1-Aug-1933
Father: Herchalle Jacob Couchman
Mother: Effie Imogene Slaughter

Born: Nettleton, AR

Dwayne Couchman

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Wife:   Martha Frances Carter

Born: 20-Feb-1939
Father: James Armour Carter
Mother: Sally Lou Edd Douglas

Born: Morrilton, AR

Martha (Carter) Couchman

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Female  Child 1:   Martha Renee Couchman

Born: 15-Oct-1962
Spouse: Lawrence Joseph Tarrant
Children: Lawrence Joseph Tarrant, Tyler Keith Tarrant

Born: Forrest City, AR
AKA: Renee

Renee Couchman

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Female  Child 2:   Cynthia Lynne Couchman

Born: 15-Nov-1964
Spouse: Charles Edward Gaines
Children: Charles Edward Gaines, Kyle Edward Gaines, Jacob Edward Gaines, Sarah Beth Gaines

Born: Forrest City, AR

Cynthia (Couchman) Gaines

Family Picture Album

Couchman Family

Couchman Family photo Easter 2004
(picture shot date 11-Apr-2004)

Dwayne and Martha Couchman