James Armour Carter and Sally Lou Edd Douglas Click to view the family tree

Married 17-May-1938

Place: North Little Rock, AR

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Husband:   James Armour Carter

Born: 12-Dec-1909
Died: 7-Sep-1978
Father: Alfred Amos Carter
Mother: Myra Belle Williams
Other Spouses: Lucy Ellison

Born: Hattieville, AR
submitted by Martha Carter Couchman

James Armour Carter

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Wife:   Sally Lou Edd Douglas

Born: 19-Aug-1912
Died: 23-Sep-1958
Father: William Edgar Douglas
Mother: Lurah Ethel Pierce

Born: Mountain Home, AR

Sally Lou Edd Douglas

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Female  Child 1:   Martha Frances Carter

Born: 20-Feb-1939
Spouse: Dwayne Neal Couchman
Children: Martha Renee Couchman, Cynthia Lynne Couchman

Born: Morrilton, AR

Martha (Carter) Couchman

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Female  Child 2:   Lydia Ann Carter

Born: 25-Apr-1942
Spouse: William Harold Pitts, Tibor Kincses
Children: Sharon Denise Pitts, William Harold Pitts

Born: Morrilton, AR
Resides: Madison, MS
Retired and lives part time in MS and the other time in FL. Loves to work in the yard, travel in a motorhome and spend time with grandchildren.

Lydia Ann (Carter) Kincses

Family Picture Album

Martha and Lydia Carter and Elizabeth Ann Young

From left to right, Martha Carter, Lydia Carter and Elizabeth Ann Young.