Patrick Hamrick and Margaret Ingles Click to view the family tree

Married 1713

Stafford Richmond Co., VA

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Husband:   Patrick Hamrick

Born: 1684
Died: Mar-1764

Might be Hambrick

1699 migrated to Richmond Co., VA as an indentured servant. May have been married to Elizabeth Day also. He was a cooper (Barrelmaker).

Came to America in 1730.

Note:   "Patrick Hamrick Sr's estate was inventoried on Apr. 20, 1764 by Patrick
Hamrick Jr and James Bridges in Prince William Co., Va.

Patrick Hamrick born in 1689 and died in King George County VA
in 1764. He married Margaret English in Richmond County VA in 1710,
after he had served a four year indenture in service of Lem Cox.
Margaret, a daughter of Robert and Sarah English, was born in
Patrick witnessed a Deed of Gift in King George County VA February
4, 1725. (Deed Book 1, p.330). He was indentured in King George
County VA January 6, 1726 (Deed Book 1, pp.411-413. He and his wife
Margaret were indentured for the farm where they lived in King George
County (Deed book 1-A pp.304-305).
He obtained a 118 acre land grant from Thomas Lord Fairfax in
Prince William County December 10, 1740. He had applied for this
grant January 10, 1739 as heir of Roger Day. In a September 3, 1739
entry in King George County Deed Book 2, p.300, Patrick and Roger Day
are identified as shipmates and cousins.
It is not clear where Patrick and Roger Day were shipmates. They
may have traveled together from Europe or they may have been part of
the crew on any of several ships sailing out of VA in that time.
Patrick is enlisted in the 1741 Poll of Burgesses of Prince
William County, indicating that he was a land owner and more than 21
years of age.
In a 1747 poll of residents of Western Dettingham Parish in Prince
William County VA, Patrick Sr., Benjamin, Patrick Jr. Robert and James
Hamrick are living side by side.
Two other wives have been listed by various sources; Margaret
(Coxe) Hamrick, who died in King George County VA in 1734. And
Elizabeth Day.


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Wife:   Margaret Ingles

Born: 1696
Died: 1734
Father: Robert Ingles
Mother: Sarah Cox


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Male  Child 1:   Patrick Jr. Hamrick

Born: 1715
Died: 1780

Might be Hambrick

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Male  Child 2:   James D. Hamrick

Born: 1715
Died: Jul-1779
Spouse: Alice Mathis
Children: Enoch Hamrick, Thomas Hamrick, Jacob Hamrick, Samuel Sr Hamrick, James Jr Hamrick, Ann Hamrick, Jeremiah Hamrick

Born: King George, VA
Children: 9 children with Alice
Web Source:

Notes: 1751 Prince William Co, VA Michael Mass roll
1753 Prince William Co, VA Rent Roll - James Hamrick 130 acres
1754 Prince William Co, VA Rent Roll
1767 Prince William Co, VA Rent Roll
1773 Prince William Co, VA Rent Roll
1777 Prince William Co, VA Rent Roll

July 1778 in Fauquier Co., VA, Alice Hamrick was granted administrati on
of the estate of James Hamrick dec'd

Prince William Co, VA Order Book 1755-57, p 192 - 24 Aug 1756 James H
paid for 3 days as a witness for William Buchanan

Fauquier Co VA Will Book 1 pp 141-51 30 Nov 1766 James Hamrick wa s a
on the will of Robert Mathis proven 23 February 1767
Fauquier Co Va Will Book 1 pp 261
27 Jul 1778 Alice Hamrick administratrix of James Hamrick
23 Nov 1778 Inventory of Estate of James Hamrick
Living next door to Patrick Hamrick Jr & Sr in Dettingham Parish, V a

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Male  Child 3:   Robert Hamrick

Born: 1717
Died: 23-May-1757


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Female  Child 4:   Rebecca Hamrick

Born: 1723


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Male  Child 5:   Benjamin Hamrick

Born: 9-Jul-1728
Died: Nov-1832

Note:    Benjamin Hamrick, a son of Patrick and Margaret Hamrick, was born
July 9, 1739, probably in King George County VA, and died in Upson
County GA after November 1832. He married Mary Sais. Mary was a
daughter of John Sais who died in Faquier County VA in 1773.

There were three Benjamin Hamricks.
(1) Benjamin son of Patrick Sr, listed in his household
in 1747, make him "perhaps" 16/18 years of age. This
Benjamin married Mary Sias, daughter of John Sias, and
had, among others....

(2) Benjamin Hamrick born about 1755, who married Nancy
McMillian. He served in the Revolutionary War, and made
application for a pension 7 Sept 1832 in Nicholas Co VA.
He seems to have had a fine career, participating in
numerous battles. However, his pension was declared invalid
7 Dec 1835, because "you left the army without leave and
before your term had expired." (File S5472} Joel Hamrick,
Benjamin Lemaster, and John McMillian, his
brother-in-law made statements for him. Joe Hamrick, age 80
b VA, 1850 census Nicholas Co VA. Benjamin Hamrick born
1750-1760, 1830 census Nicholas Co, VA.

(3) Benjamin Hamrick born 9 July 1739, Prince William Co VA,
by his statement made 7 Nov 1832 in Upson Co GA. (1820
census Jasper Co GA; living with son John in 1830 Upson Co,
GA age 80-90. He was age 93 when he made his application
for Revolutionary War Pension.

H. Hamrick (1939)

Benjamin Hamrick of the Revolution

The Hamricks of Braxton, Webster, Randolph and Pocahontas
counties (W.VA), are descendants of Benjamin Hamrick, a
soldier who fought in the American Revolution. He was born
in Prince William, now Fauquier County, Virginia, in 1755,
In November, 1775, he enlisted in the military service of
the colonial government of Virginia, as a "Minute Man,"
and served for a period of six months. He was at that
time twenty years of age. He engaged in the battle of
Great Bridge, on the bank of the Elizabeth River,
commanded by Colonel Edward Stevens. In October, 1776,
he enlisted in the Third Virginia Regiment under Captain
John Chilton, and marched from Williamsburg to Alexandria,
Virginia, and from there to New York, where he joined the
regular continental army. (1)

At Brandywine Benjamin Hamrick participated in several of
the most decisive battles of the Revolutionary War, The
records disclose that he was at the capture of Trenton
on December 26, 1776, when General Washington one sleety
night crossed the ice-clogged Delaware river, captured
one thousand prisoners, and seized a large amount of
equipment. He fought at the battle of Princeton,
January 3, 1777. He engaged in the battle of Brandywine
Creek, September 11, 1777, at which battle General
Lafayette was wounded. On October 4, 1777, he engaged
in the battle of Germantown, near Philadelphia.

With Washington at Valley Forge In September, 1777;
Benjamin Hamrick was attached to the third and forth
Virginia Regiments under Captain John Blackwell,
commanded by Lieutenant Colonel William Heth, while
at Valley Forge.

At the time he entered said encampment he was a private,
receiving six and two-third dollars per month. In April,
1778, he was commissioned corporal, and received seven
and one-third dollars per month Virginia currency.
During the period of service in 1777, and 1778, Benjamin
Hamrick was frequently assigned to scout duty, as
disclosed by the records of the War Department...

It is known...from corroborating affidavits filed with
the Secretary of War in 1832, by comrades of Banjamin
Hamrick, that he served throughout the Revolutionary
War, and was in the service in Virginia, at the time
of the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown,
October 19, 1781. (2)

Benjamin Hamrick married Nancy McMillian, daughter of
John and Martha McMillian, in Fauquier county, Virginia,
while on furlough from the Continental Army in 1779.
The date of the marriage is given in an affidavit of
Joseph McMillian filed on behalf of Benjamin Hamrick
when the latter made application for a pension under
the Act of Congress of 183?. In the affidavit the
affiant says, "he (Benjamin Hamrick) came home on
furlough and visited his father who lived just three
miles from my father. He married my sister and built
a house and lived with my father."

That Benjamin Hamrick was one of the early settlers
in Greenbrier County, Virginia, now West Virginia,
is disclosed by the early tax lists and census
records, now in the Virginia State Archives, Richmond,
Virginia. The oldest available lists disclose the
heads of families living in Greenbrier county,
between 1783 and 1786. The name of Benjamin Hamrick,
is on that, and each successive list, until 1796.
That he removed from Fauquier County between 1781,
the late of the surrender of Cornwallis, and 1785,
is definitely known. As the boundary of Greenbrier
County, formed in 1777, embraced the territory that
is now Kanavha, Nicholas, Braxton and Greenbrier
counties, and part of Monroe County, it is difficult
to locate the place to which he first came and
established his residence. One writer has stated
that he first came to Cherry Tree Bottom where
the town of Richwood, Nicholas County, is now

His residence was near that place at the time of
the alarm of an intended Indian Raid in 1793. At
that time he hastily gathered his family and
abandoned his residence and fled to Donnally's Fort,
in Greenbrier County, near the present village of
Frankfort. The distance traveled on that journey was
more than one hundred miles. When all danger of
further interference had passed, he is believed
to have settled on Birch River.

In 1820, Benjamin Hamrick was living in Nicholas
County. In 1826, he petitioned the General
Assembly of Virginia for a pension for service
rendered in the military service of the Colony
of Virginia and the continental army. The
petition specifies the residence of the
petitioner as Nicholas County but does not
designate the exact location of his residence.
That he was totally disabled, due to exposure,
privations and hardships, experienced during the
Revolutionary War, is clearly set forth in his
petition. The bill for pension, although passed

1 Records of the Revolutionary War, War
Department, Washington, DC.
2 Pension Records of the Revolution, Washington, DC.
3 Moccasin Tracks and Other Imprints, by W. C. Dodrill.
4 Virginia State Archies, Richmond, Virginia.

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Male  Child 6:   John Hamrick

Born: 1729


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Male  Child 7:   Joseph Hamrick

Born: 1730