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Husband:   Unknown Carter



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Wife:   Eleanor Hope

Born: 1804
Father: John D. Hope
Mother: Jane Craig

Birthplace: South Carolina

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Male  Child 1:   Elijah Harvey Carter

Born: Jun-1841
Died: 2-Nov-1919
Spouse: Martha Ann Bailey
Children: Georgia Ann Carter, Ophella C. Carter, Hettie V. Carter, James Oscar Carter, Ellen Quentila Carter, Alfred Amos Carter, Luna Carter, Fred Ambrose Carter

Born: Ireland.

Lived in a county of Ireland called Arma?. Lived on North Sea. Immigrated in through New Orleans brought as a child during the Potato famine. Mother and father didn't speak english.

Served in Civil War, drafted into the Confederate Army. Involved in Battle of Gettysburg. Wounded in Gettysburg in the leg with a TN Infantry unit. Left on battlefield still alive and badly wounded leaning up against a tree. 3 Union soldiers came by and happened to be Irish and Elijah understood that they were speaking in Gaelic in the same dialect as the county of Arma that he was from. Walked all the way back from Gettysburg, PA to TN where he lived. Was in bed for almost a year after that before he regained his health enough. Women took care of him during that time.

Source: From Anthony Hall as per Georgia Ann Carter.

Dad (Fred Carter) told me when he was about 90 years old that Grandpa (Elijah Carter) had been a Confederate soldier who was at several battles, including the battles of Cayuga and Shiloh. There were others which I do not recall. Grandpa was taken prisoner by the Yankees at Shiloh and was finally pardoned and allowed to receive a pension after the war ended. Grandpa told Dad and he told me (Marvin Carter) of an incident at Shiloh when Grandpa's hat was shot off. On forced march and worried about getting in trouble for not having a cap, Grandpa saw a dead soldier alongside the road. When Grandpa reached down to pick up the dead soldier's cap, he found it had brains in it. He shook out the remains and marched on with his newfound cap. So it is that war is always the same, with some soldiers seeing and enduring things too terrible to bear without scarring of the soul.

Source: Marvin Carter, Fred Carter's son telling this info that Fred Carter told him. Fred Carter is Elijah Carter's youngest son.

Additional: Had post traumatic syndrome and had a hot temper.

Elijah Carter marker